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Divi is becoming very interesting nowadays and people love to use Divi for Website Developing because it is WordPress’s best theme for Visual and Stunning Designs.

Divi is also optimized for Web Page Speed. Before going ahead let me divide this article into section below,

Divi, A Perfect Website Developing Solution

There are thousands of themes available to build your websites on WordPress and many of them are really doing good. But, above these all themes, Divi is a perfect solution for creating small websites to a full-fledged E-Commerce Store. Most people want something catchy and stunning on their websites and this needs to be done with a Page Builder that fits these needs.


Divi is considered for sure as the most Advance and Optimized Web Layout provider. You can create really good looking designs for your website with Divi because Divi Builder is packed with almost 46 Modules.

You can add different functions by using Images, Quotes, Blog, Sidebar, Blurb, and a lot of other modules.


You can create Scroll Effects with Divi Builder by using advanced animations. There are almost 8 effects available there for use in Divi 4.0

  1. Horizontal Motion
  2. Vertical Motion
  3. Fade In Motion
  4. Fade Out Motion
  5. Scaling Up Motion
  6. Scaling Down Motion
  7. Rotating Effect
  8. Blur Effect

You can apply these animations to almost any kind of object there with Divi Builder and it adds very minimal code of JavaScript to work.

Pre-Made Layouts

Pre-Made layouts are also available and you can create cool website designs very fast, just by importing a Layout and customizing it to your needs.

There are Pre-Made Layouts for almost any kind of business. Almost 140+ Website Packs are available with 800+ Page Layouts in Divi.

You can import any Pre-Made Layout and start customizing it by your needs within a very short interval of time. Then let them publish and go online with your fresh and advanced Designs.

Other Features

There are a lot of other features that we are not mentioning here and Divi hands-on such advanced functions seamlessly. You can use Custom CSS, Custom Fonts, and a lot of other modules as well.

Stunning Designs and Speed Optimization

It is already mentioned above that you can achieve almost an kind of web design with Divi. And, after a huge update in this Page Builder, Divi 4.0 is providing blazing fast speed as compared to other themes and Page Builders.

If you are using Divi Theme along with their own Page Builder, you can get awesome results in Page Speed.

Divi Services by Haloof

Haloof provides Web Development Service by using WordPress and the theme meets all of the client’s needs and requirements.

But, at Haloof we have some PRO guys only for Divi related websites. They are expert in Divi and meet all of your needs and requirements. You might think why you should consider us?

Well, we have been in this field for 8 years. We have a 4.8/5.0 star rating from our previous clients. Above all, what makes us best is, we have special and Divi Expert guys. They know what is going to work and what is not, how you need to be to achieve a certain design, what are the best plugins to use for Divi, and all that stuff.

You can consider us because we provide,

  1. Live Chat support to Premium Clients
  2. Fast Support by Email
  3. Value for Money
  4. Unlimited Revisions
  5. Secure Payment System
  6. *FREE Gift at the end of Project

You can really get Unlimited Revisions un till we get the same design that was discussed before starting the project. Before getting our team of Professionals started, you need to discuss your requirements and you will get a custom quote from our Team. We will provide Unlimited Revisions within the Requirements discussed in the Offer.

Let’s have some FAQs about our this Divi Website Freelancer service,

Will Hosting and Domain be included?

No, we do not offer Hosting and Domain to our clients by default but someone wants to buy for him then we can recommend the best and customized hosting for Divi. There is also custom Divi Hosting by Elegant Themes, you can also consider it.
Kindly contact our Support Team and they will help you in choosing the best Hosting and Domain registrar for you according to your needs.

What is the Price for Divi Website Designs and Development?

If you are looking for a Freelancer for Divi Website then you might be interested to know how much you need to pay it. At Haloof, we do not have fixed packages, we charge only for what we work on. You need to get a custom quote for you by contacting our team. Charges will be discussed with you and you need to proceed to payment for our team to start working.

What kind of Website Divi can develop?

With Divi, you can get any kind of website design with seamless features and functions. Divi is our recommendation for Small and Personal Business websites. Because attractive design is necessary to get the attention of people and Divi hand on this experience. But, if you are looking for an E-Commerce Store then you might need some other third-party plugins also to make it work. But, it is recommended to use special E-Commerce Themes built for stores to get good results.

Do you provide Refund?

Yes, if we are unable to provide our services regarding Divi Website Development under uncertain conditions then you can get 100% of your money back within 14 days without any question being asked. For more information, check our Website Development Service.


By concluding the whole, Divi is the best choice to create your website. Almost, 1,832,859 websites are created already with Divi, and enjoyed this journey. You should select Divi theme and then give the rest of the task to a Professional at Haloof, they will take care of all. We are the best Divi Freelancers providing our services and already developed almost 40+ websites with Divi and got 5/5 stars rating for Divi Website Development Service.

So, why you are waiting? Let’s get started…

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  1. Would it be best to use Divi Builder only without Divi theme for Web Designing purpose. What do you think of it? Is in your service, Divi Builder is used or you use Divi Theme for Website Designing.

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