Is your Divi website so Slow? (How to speed it up)

Today we are going to discuss some tweaks by which you can speed your WordPress website created with Divi up. Some guys try to design some really cool websites but they forget to think about Web Page Speed Optimization, such heavy designs really will take a longer to load properly.

But, you can load such heavy designs quickly with a proper configuration. According to some gurus your User Experience matters more than page speed. There are still some website which take more than 12 seconds and are ranked higher in Google Search Results.

Is Divi really slow?

There was a huge update in Divi 3.0 regarding the Speed Optimization and Divi 4.0 (Current Version) provides blazing fast speed in regard to the Page Load.

Managing the latest and cool designs along with the fast speed is really a hard job but Divi has done it rightly. Divi is not slow, if you are facing such an issue then contact the Divi Support or contact with your Host. Sometimes, it is your Host which causes the issues with Divi.

Why my Divi is slow?

By default, Divi is a very light weight theme and takes very short time to load. But, sometimes it happens that you feel your Divi so slow. So, what should you do?

It might be your improper configuration or your host. So, let’s jump to the main guide, how to speed it up if your Divi is slow.

Divi Theme Optimization

Following are the main sections where you should have your focus,

  • A good Host
  • Cache Configuration
  • Use of CDN
  • Other Optimization Plugin

Step 1: Recommended Hosting

First step where you should be very careful is your Hosting Provider. Never compromise on hosting service ; always try to choose most renowned hosting provider which have positive user rating.

Sometimes, people buy local hosting services which cause a big problem in Web Page Speed. Such hosting providers just buy Reseller Package of famous hosting providers and then sale those packages to their users. Our first suggestion is to avoid such guys.

Following are the Hosts which you can consider for your Divi Website,

  • SiteGround (With basic package for small websites)
  • CloudWays (Cloud Hosting for large businesses)
  • DreamHost (Most Affordable)
  • BlueHost (Very large number of customers)
  • A2 Hosting

So, these were some of our recommendations for choosing a Good Web Host for your Divi. Also, there is a special Divi Hosting for Divi Websites by ElegentThemes. They use special packages from famous hosts to meet the requirements of Divi. You can consider this one also.

Step 2: Best Caching Plugin

Caching plays an important role in speeding up your website. A good Caching Plugin with proper configuration can provide results beyond your expectations. WP Rocket is our first choice above all other caching plugins although WP Super Cache is also recommended one.

Here are the best ways to use WP Rocket for Divi

  • Go to File Optimization> Delay Javascript Execution and there will be a list by default but add your render-blocking javascript there also. Here is a guide to Delay JavaScript Execution at the official WP Rocket blog.
  • Make Sure to LazyLoad your images, iframes, and Youtube video with WP Rocket.
  • Do not use WP Rocket Minification (JavaScript + CSS)
  • Use Cloudflare as Add-On and Turn on Google Tracking also.

So, this was the basic setting of WP Rocket for Divi, you can also choose WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and WP Fastest Cache as an alternative.

Step 3: Use of CDN

If you are really serious about your Website Speed and have a large business website then go for Premium StackPath CDN, BunnyCDN, MaxCDN, etc. But, we will recommend FREE Cloudflare CDN for small business or personal Divi Websites. We also check the important options to configure Cloudflare as CDN for Your Divi Website.

Make sure that,

  • JavaScript and CSS Minification is ON
  • You can use Brotli as Compression Method also
  • Attach your Cloudflare with WP Rocket

Step 4: Other Optimization Plugins for Divi

This one is also very important, you should choose the best plugin considering the better performance of your Divi. Our recommendation is to choose the Assets CleanUp plugin for this job. You can also consider Autoptimze for this kind of job and it really performs well.

Here is our guide to choose best option for your Divi created website from Assets CleanUp,

  • Turn on Javascript & CSS Minification. Defer loading of these also and do not forget to turn on the option to move these from Head to Body.
  • Remove Google Fonts completely
  • Preload Local Fonts
  • Disable XML-Rpc, Dashicons, OEmbed, Emojis from the setting of Assets CleanUp

While optimizing your Divi website do not forget to use the Image Optimization Plugin if you have a lot of images on your website. Our recommendation is OptiMole Plugin to use for image optimization.


By using all above recommendations, surely your Divi Website will load fasters. Our final reccomendation is that do no chase the PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix score. Always focus on your Page Speed. Sometimes you attain 98 score but still your website taking more than 3 seconds to load.

Let’s us know what is your Divi Website load time? and how fast your Divi website is? 😃

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    1. Hi, Anton
      You can use WP Rocket Minification for basic optimization but if you need full control over your JavaScript and CSS then we recommend Assets CleanUp or Autoptimize. WP Rocket Minification is now improved after 3.7 version, so you can also consider it but only if you are getting good results with basic optimization.

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