Search Engine Optimization

Haloof is supporting the other businesses by providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service for International Clients. 

What makes us BEST

You have a website, you are expert and you think you are the best but still you are not getting leads. You are lacking at SEO, check how Haloof can help you

Content Strategy

Content matters a lot for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need to make the best content strategy which will surely help.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO plays a vital role as a ranking factor. But, you need to do correct On-Page SEO which works well at the time.

Link Building

At Haloof, we believe Links Building (Backlinks) is the powerful ranking factor but if done right not Spammy Links.

Local SEO

To get a better position in Local Search Results, we will do Local SEO which performs perfectly in the real words.

SEO Audit

We perform your competitor SEO Analysis or do a Complete SEO Audit of your website and provide a custom analysis report.

Technical SEO

There are a lot of other things that we need to take control like Web Page Speed to rank your business up in searches.

What kind of SEO, does Haloof provide?
It depends upon the nature of your business. If your business is quite new and launched just a short time ago then definitely it needs On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO & Technical SEO. Our most priority goes to On-Page SEO for newly launched businesses. Chat with us Live
What is included in On-Page SEO?

Usually, On-Page SEO covers almost 40% of your complete SEO, if it is done right. So, our main focus will be on On-Page SEO at the start. We will optimize your Headings, Meta Title, Meta Description, Keywords, Image SEO (Caption, ALT-Tags). In short, the complete content is optimized under On-Page SEO using different techniques.

How do you provide Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is not the way to focus mainly on quite new websites because your website will be detected as a SPAM and will be thrown in Google Sandbox. But, still, a website needs Off-Page SEO at the start. So, we will manage it rightly because one should be very careful while doing Off-Page SEO mostly Links Building (Backlinks). We know very well what is going to work and what is not.

What is included in Local SEO?

Your business needs Local SEO especially if you want the leads locally. We have helped a lot of businesses to rank locally. We need to do Local Citation for your business and most importantly, optimizing your GMB Listing.

Do you offer guarantee in regards of SEO?

The short and sweet answer is NO. Even no one can guarantee you to rank on the top 5 positions or first page. Google’s Algorithm is unpredictable and if someone guarantees you to rank on the top specific position then believe us it is a scam. We will implement our 8 years of proven experience and we know really what is going to work but sometimes you get opposite results. Still, there is an option of consistency, one day your business will rank on top.

How much time SEO takes?

The short answer to this question is “It depends”. It depends on what is the volume of keywords where you want to rank, competition in those specific keywords, etc. SEO is not a one-time process, it is a life-long process and your needs to make changes as Google Algorithm changes.

What is the budget, I should expect for SEO?

Please beware of the guys who offer you the SEO service for $100 or even a complete SEO package for $500. All this is a scam, it is really a time-grabbing task to do complete SEO and takes a lot of time. So, you should expect a $600-1200 monthly budget for your business. Still, it depends upon the nature of your business. If you are running a small business, it will cost you the low for SEO.

Do you provide Links Building (Backlinks)?

Yes, we do. But, this service might not be the same as you think. We are far-away from the Spammy Backlinks Method which most of the new So-Called SEO gurus use. Our only advice for you is to remain away from such guys. We try to build natural Backlinks by Organic SEO. 

Do you provide Web Page Speed Optimization?

Yes, we provide a Web Page Speed Optimization service. Page Speed is also considered a ranking factor and according to the major update of Google Algorithm 2021, this will be an official ranking factor for websites. We will use our proven experience of 8 years to increase your Website Page Load speed. Your Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetirx, and Pingdom score will be increased and you will notice a tremendous change in your Web Page Speed.

What platforms you choose while doing SEO?

We take the help of SEO tools only when we need it. Mostly, we create custom reports by checking it on my own. We use Moz, Semrush, and sometimes Ahref for Backlinks strategy. And, mostly we use our own custom methods for Organic SEO.

Do you provide refund?

We assure you that we will meet all of your requirements but still if we fail to provide what you are looking for, we will refund you without asking any question.

How do payments are proceeded?

To get our services, you need to proceed with payments after getting a custom offer according to your website requirements. Contact by Live Chat with our team and they will guide you to send a payment and send you an invoice for the project. 

Why trust us?

It had been almost 8 years, we are working and serving the people from every area of the world. Here, is the short but distinctive summary of our work in SEO.

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Quality always speaks out, we believe that. Our all clients are super happy to get our services

My website was just 2 months old and I was in a hurry to get leads. Haloof helped me a lot to rank on specific keywords in my area.

Dan Robert

CEO, danchoiceforme

The best part is the top quality support of Haloof. I was very intrigued to see my business ranking up in the Local Search Results and Haloof did it correclty.

Kishiwin Rathor

CEO, Raniopin

Haloof is my best choice for SEO, I recommend to choose Haloof if your business is quite new. They are really good at new businesses.

Jaan Rolion

CEO, Amphibiansoro

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